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SuperBoards is a forum system running on PHP and MySQL. This, the latest version, is fully developed and should be quite stable. It is HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant. It also now uses PHP's MySQLi interface for communicating with MySQL database servers. You can try it out here. Some changes since version 1.1.2 include some adding some missing functionality and restoring some consistency in style.

Latest version

Past versions

SuperBoards version 1.2.1
(This version has been superceded by version 1.2.2 to fix a bug in the installer)
(This version makes the appearance of SuperBoards more consistent than the previous version, 1.1.2, and adds some missing functionality.)

Released May 28, 2014 superboards-1.2.1.tar.gz
ZIP MD5 Hash: 2905c8cc360a7946944efe80a6a08377
TAR.GZ MD5 Hash: f1e18908dbbae058788af7a13de35037

SuperBoards version 1.1.2
Released May 19, 2014
(Version 1.1.2 is the first stable release of SuperBoards. Versions 0.x are all development releases.) superboards-1.1.2.tar.gz
ZIP MD5 Hash: 044cc5a6c97c501bd9e607e090d52c9b
TAR.GZ MD5 Hash: 578f26216b45a3d88260a81426ef23eb

SuperBoards version 0.9.1
(Version 0.9.1 is the first public release of SuperBoards. It is still under development, so some features may not work correctly or even exist yet.) superboards-0.9.1.tar.gz
ZIP MD5 Hash: f2cbca450f7ca45aadcedcddf4fa1f44
TAR.GZ MD5 Hash: 56c85032668fb9ba587cea1fdf0c5fab